Winter Quarter 2017 Week 4: Crime and Mystery Game Night

This past Wednesday February 1, WICS hosted an entertaining Crime and Mystery themed game night. WICS members had a fun bonding time with each other as they played “Murder in the Dark” and mafia. Around 30 WICS members attended this game night, which made playing these group games even that more fun! As we are approaching the middle of the quarter, this game night was a relaxing and entertaining way for WICS members to take a break from studying and have some laughs!

Winter Quarter 2017 Week 2: Mock Technical Interviews Prep Workshop

On the wonderful and chilly Wednesday of January 18, 2017, 60 students gathered together to learn about the joys and wonders of interview! WICS offered invaluable experience and tips for acing any interview. For Freshmen and Sophomores, student speakers spoke about their experiences in and how to land an amazing internship with companies that specifically target underclassmen. We also offered guidance for upperclassmen on how to prepare for their interviews, whether it be PM or Software Engineer! Students gained awesome skills that will help them in their next interview, or at least during WICS’s Mock Technical Interviews next week. We would like to thank everyone for coming enjoyed the advice/pizza! Go forth and interview!

Winter Quarter 2017 Week 1: General Meeting

Wednesday, January 11th, was the first kick-off WICS general meeting of Winter 2017! 50 wonderful faces, both familiar and new, came to the first meeting with renewed resolution for a wonderful start to the quarter. Our awesome speakers introduced WICS, the wonderful board members, and exciting WICS-hosted events for this quarter. Our friends has a lot to look forward to! We then made some new friends with a fun ice breaker, the Human Knot. Finally, we concluded our meeting decked in swag after a lively raffle competition. Students had a great time getting to know WICS and left learning about future opportunities for professional and social connections from these WICS-hosted events. Mark down the dates to your calendar! This is going to be a great quarter.

Fall Quarter 2016: Week 7: Summer Internship Panel

This week, on November 9th, WICS hosted a “What I Learned at My Summer Internship Panel”. At the meeting, members asked any questions they may have about summer internships, and we had our wonderful panel answer the questions. On the panel, we had five undergraduate students who talked about their experiences at Northrop Grumman, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, and Intuit. As for our Ph.D. representative, he talked about his experiences at Google during the summer and his experience throughout his college years. WICS attendees learned about the whole process, from resumes to interviewing to all the perks and benefits as interns at these companies. Of course, pizza was provided, so everyone was well fed, happy, and left, inspired by the panelists.

Fall Quarter 2016 Week 6: ProSky Interactive Info Session

WICS teamed up with the Video Game Development Club (VGDC) and Management Information Student Society (MAISS), on November 2nd to hold a useful and interactive info session called How to Market Yourself to Employers + Talking Yourself Up. ProSky, an Irvine-based company that provides a platform for job recruiting and job training, hosted the event. ProSky’s founder, Crystal Huang, gave a helpful presentation to over 60 attendees about how to approach marketing one’s self to employers through elevator pitches, searching for a job or internship, and participating in interviews with a company. Crystal, alongside Alexis and Julie, ProSky’s Director of HR and Head of University Relations, also facilitated an interactive activity where attendees were able to get on their feet and practice pitching themselves to others. Towards the end of the event, several volunteers were able to market themselves in 30 seconds to the entire room, followed by personal feedback from Crystal. After the event, all attendees were able to leave with stomachs full of pizza and a better idea of how to present themselves professionally. WICS is proud to be able to put on such valuable and resourceful events to their members alongside other ICS clubs and great companies like ProSky.

Fall Quarter 2016 Week 6: Facebook Diversity Panel

On November 1st, 2016, WICS collaborated with the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE), the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) and ICS Student Council (ICSSC) to put on a Facebook diversity panel. There were around 30 attendees at this event, less than what was expected. Facebook brought current employees (entry-level to many years of experience) and also a current intern to answer questions about life at Facebook, as well as the importance of diversity at Facebook and in the tech industry. Some of the questions asked in the panel were already pre-submitted, but students were encouraged to jump in with their own follow-up questions. There was also a LOT of pizza at the event, so no one went home hungry.

Fall Quarter 2016 Week 5: Study Session

On October 26th, we hosted a study session since it is currently midterm season. More than 30 of our members gathered to study for midterms and do homework together. It was a fun environment to encourage each other through the busiest time of the quarter. Free pizza was provided instead of the usual snacks we have for study sessions, so it made it an even better time!

WICS attends Gracehopper Conference 2016!

On October 19th – 21st 36 Students who were awarded a scholarship by the Donald Bren School of Information and Computer sciences and the BRAID(Building Recruiting and Inclusion for Diversity) program, attended the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing. The Conference took place in Houston, Texas and is considered to be one of the largest gathering for women technologists, just this year alone there were over 15,000 people in attendance. The attendees not only had the opportunity to attend multiple speaking events to further increase their knowledge in the tech industry, but also to attend the Expo Fair where they had the chance to network with many different companies such as Microsoft, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. Many students interviewed with companies during the conference while others scheduled interviews for a later time. All in all it was an incredible experience full of professional growth and fun!

Fall Quarter 2016 Week 4: Mentorship Reveal

On October 17th, WICS had their mentorship reveal, which consisted of 54 pairs! Mentors were given nametags, and the mentees were given a mission to find the balloon with their name on it, pop the balloon and then search for their mentor. The popping noises were pretty loud, but it made the atmosphere lively as the mentees were pretty anxious about who were the mentor was and vice versa. After everyone found their mentee/mentor, they were given the task to talk with one another and get to know each other, then mingle with another pair of mentors/mentees and introduce themselves to each other. This was a good idea so pairs can bounce off ideas from one another on how often to meet with your mentee/mentor, and possibly even have group bondings. Everyone was satisfied with meeting their match, so thanks Samantha Applebaum, who is the one in charge of the Mentorship Program and matching each pair! You did a wonderful job!