Fall Quarter 2017 Week 5: WICS Mentorship Reveal

On October 30, 2017 WICS had their mentorship reveal for the 2017-2018 academic school year! About 120 people attended the event and we had a total of 38 mentor and mentee pairs. This year has been the biggest turnout yet for WICS’s mentorship program, where mentors could take in two mentees if they preferred to do so. For their activity, our WICS committee members prepared small strips of paper that contained a general category for every person and a song lyrics. The general categories helped organized everyone into groups of 10 where the mentees/mentors would find each other by completing their song lyric or finding the artist of the song. After the mentees and mentors have found each other we had a small pumpkin drawing activity in celebration for Halloween! It was pretty chaotic with the amount of people in the room, but everyone had a blast and was happy with their pairs!

WICS Fall Quarter Week 4: Twitter Q&A and Info Session

On the 23rd of October, WICS held an info session and a Q&A with Twitter.  There were approximately 100 attendees!  Before the event, the students were able to enjoy refreshing drinks at the 7 Leaves Boba bar  outside in the patio area of DBH 6011 which was provided by Twitter.  The boba drinks left the students energized and hyped up for the speaker!  After, everyone made their way inside to be seated for the info session.  All the chairs were filled!  Twitter’s recruiter, Kelly,  informed us of Twitter’s company culture, and shared the many opportunities provided by Twitter including new graduate careers and undergraduate internships.  When the session was over, many students lined up to talk with the recruiter, asking follow up questions about the company and showing her their resumes.  It was an overall success!  

Fall Quarter 2017 Week 3: WICS Games

On the 16th of October, WICS held their annual WICS Games! They had over 80 student participates as well as company representatives from Google, SendGrid, Oath, and Blind Squirrel Entertainments. The company representatives were separated into different teams with about 9 students to one representative and all the teams were against each other. We started the night off with some delicious food and company introductions and then the main event began. There were 3 rounds with 15 minutes during each round. We began the games by having each team get to know their team members through introductions to creating a team chat and even posting a funny photo of themselves on different social media platforms! The rest of the rounds consisted of teams working together to solve logic puzzles and simple coding problems. After all the rounds were completed, students were able to network with the present representatives while the WICS team calculated scores. At the end, everyone was able to take home swag as well as gain new friendships and connections! WICS Games was a great success and the turnout was amazing as well! Students and representatives both had a fun time working together to solve our puzzles as well as getting to know each other in a casual setting. This event would have not been possible without all the great company representatives that were able to attend as well as the UCI students! Thank you to those company representatives that played with us and of course the attendees! We can’t wait for next year’s WICS Games!

WICS Fall Quarter 2017 Week 2: Mentorship Mixer

Whoo! On Monday, Oct. 9th, WICS hosted their first WICS Mentorship program event: Mentorship Mixer. After consuming pizza and snacks, people settled down and we started our mentor introductions. Mentors filled out their profiles online before the mixer, so mentees did get a chance to view potential mentors before the mixer. Once introductions were complete, mentees chose their top 3 mentors to chat with and from there, both mentors and mentees were able to fill out their preferences. From there, we shall wait until the Mentorship Reveal during week 5 to see the final pairing results.

Fall Quarter 2017 Week 1: WICS First General Meeting

On Monday, October 2nd WICS held their first General Meeting in DBH 6011. This meeting had about 200+ RSVPs and over 100 students attend. It was the biggest turn out that we ever had anticipated compared to previous years. During this meeting, our co-presidents, Katie Yeh and Ericca Go, introduced our board members, explained what the purpose of what our clubs was and what kind of events we hold. We also had our internal vice president, Alice Wen, talk about the mentorship program and the mentorship mixer we were gonna have next week. Before the meeting ended, we selected several students to receive swag by doing a raffle.  It was definitely great to start off the new year with meeting everyone! We hope to see this many people at our next event!

Fall Quarter 2017 Week 0: WICS Social

On Thursday, September 28th, WICS had their very first week 0 social. The event was located in the common room of the Berkeley Court Clubhouse, so there had to be walk groups from the flagpoles to the location so no one would get lost. The social was meant for WICS members (new and old) to get to know each other and socialize. More people came than expected (about 65 people came total), so some adjustments had to be made with the snacks. Besides some of the initial difficulties with having enough for all 65 people to eat, everyone seemed to be having a great time with lots of great conversation.

Winter Quarter 2017 Week 8: WICS Mentorship Baked Goods Potluck and Movie Night

On Wednesday, March 1st, WICS hosted a movie night for WICS’s mentorship program. WICS mentors and mentees had an amazing time bonding with each other as they baked their favorite recipes. At the movie night, the members were able to interact with other mentorship pairs as they watched “The Emperor’s New Groove”, ate baked goods and pizza together, and engaged in nice conversations. More than 25 WICS members attended the movie night! This movie night was a great and entertaining way for mentorship pairs to meet up and share their favorite recipes. It was great way for WICS members to relax, eat amazing food, and spend quality time with great company!

Winter Quarter 2017 Week 7: Intuit Interactive Hackathon Prep

On Tuesday, February 21th, WICS teamed up with Hack at UCI and held its Intuit Interactive Hackathon Prep workshop. We had an outstanding turnout of about 45 participants that were excited to be there and learn more! Intuit provided many tips on how to have a successful hackathon. They also had the group go through several group exercises like creating their own prototype! Everyone was Intuit (in to it)!!! 🙂 While groups were working on the exercises, Intuit employees were providing guidance along the way. Overall, the event was successful and everyone definitely enjoyed themselves and gained more insight on how to have a great hackathon! We hope to have you at our future meetings, you are more than welcome!

Winter Quarter 2017 Week 6: Study Session

On Wednesday, February 15th, WICS held its quarterly study session. About 25 members joined us in studying. People were more than happy to help each other, whether it was with studying for midterms or working on homework. In addition to doing schoolwork, everyone had fun talking about life and getting to know each other. As usual, various kinds of pizzas and drinks were provided (bonus: cheesy bread)! Food and study/homework buddies make studying for midterms or doing difficult homework a lot less painful. :)))) Come join us next time!

Winter Quarter 2017 Week 5: Twilio Info Session

On Wednesday February 8th, WICS teamed up with ICS Student Council to host an inspiring information session with Twilio! We had a great turnout of 58 participants ready and excited to learn. Twilio demonstrated their awesome API and sent out text notifications to our audience. We learned through the Q&A time that Twilio is an engaging and welcoming company where their interns can work on real projects. Twilio will be back on campus in October 2017 to recruit for summer 2018 internships. As a closing statement our Twilio representatives encourage us to “Be open to learn. In a small company like Twillio, you’ll make a big impact.” So keep an eye out for when applications open up again and apply!