WICS Receives NCWIT Seed Fund!

National Center of Women & Information Technology (NCWIT) has selected the University of California, Irvine’s Women in Information and Computer Sciences to receive the NCWIT Student Seed Fund gift sponsored by Symantec!

The announcement for the award can be seen here.

Thank you to both Symantec and NCWIT for this generous award!

Adobe Info Session

On January 21, WICS hosted an Adobe Info Session. The first hour consisted of a mixer where members that RSVP’d could talk face to face with the female engineers of Adobe (and eat great food). Only 50 spots were allocated for this mixer, and they all filled up instantly. The members asked all sorts of questions from daily life to information about internships. The second hour was an info session that was open to all. Where Adobe talked about what they’re looking for and internships opportunities. Make sure to check out our future info sessions!

ICS Career Panel

On Wednesday January 14, the ICS clubs teamed up and invited various alumni from different years to tell stories of their success. Over 50 people showed up, listening to Sarah Flores from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Binh Dang from MeridianLink, Albert Wong from Red Hat, Chris Wong from Mirth Corporation, Angeline Phan Gray from Emdeon/TC3 Health, Lynn Acosta from OpenText, and Corey Katoul from Demonstranda share what they learned from college and what they thought was most important in the future in the real field. Make sure to check out the rest of the events this year.

First General Meeting

On Wednesday of the first week of winter quarter, WICS held its first general meeting. Over 50 of our members swarmed in as our president Angela Liu and vice president Stephanie Eng announced our plans for this quarter. After learning all about the events and projects this quarter, various members stayed to play board games with each other and bond.  Make sure to come by next quarter to see what events we have!

Facebook Women Panel

Facebook Women Panel
by  Nikita Thakore

In Week 5 on Monday, November 3rd, WICS was proud to host a Facebook Women Panel, wherein a recruiter and five engineers from Facebook took the time to answer questions about their experiences working for the world’s biggest social network.  Their backgrounds ranged from developing Facebook’s Android apps, to being on the iOS Messenger team, to working on a secret, still-developing Facebook application.  It was a great opportunity for attendees to get a glimpse of what jobs at Facebook have to offer, while enjoying delicious food, courtesy of Baja Fresh.

When asked what they enjoyed at Facebook, the ladies unanimously remarked that they enjoyed the freedom to work on projects of their choice, and the creativity of their work environments.  “Everyone all has the same title – Software Engineer,” Lynn explained, “so it’s very easy to go up to someone and ask them anything.  The people at Facebook are really humble.”

The team also highly praised Facebook’s Engineering Boot Camp program, a six-week program designed to introduce new engineers to the company’s code base. Jess, a former intern who recently went full-time, noted that it greatly helped her to figure out what she wanted to work on, while Kathy described it as “the best summer camp ever!”

The panel ended promptly at seven, due to the engineers’ having to catch their flights back home, and the night closed with attendees being able to submit their resumes and pick up some Facebook swag.  We had a great turnout, with over 60 people attending, and overall, the event was a terrific experience for everyone involved.  Hopefully, it’s indicative of the popularity of the panels yet to come!


WICS & VGDC Resume Workshop

WICS & VGDC Resume Workshop
by Michelle Tjoa

On Monday, the 21st day of October in the Donald Bren of ICS building, WICS and VGDC had a joint Resume workshop.  Around 50+ people came to either help others or be helped.  What was amazing about the event was the great amount of inputs from all those who were experienced and wanted to help by sharing their knowledge and experience with others and also the deep interest those who didn’t have experience or wanted to learn.  All the members learned how to improve or start resumes which can help in the long run with resume building and career searching.  When I went to the resume workshop I was also amazed at how many people were really involved and really wanted to improve their resume and what they had in their resume.  It was also interesting to see people quickly build the resume they didn’t have before coming to the workshop.  I also brought a resume and got tips and pointers on how to improve the resume and learning new tips and lessons I didn’t know or thought about before.  There are simple little things that could be overlooked, like a bigger name, better organization of resumes and the list goes on.  The people who were helping out were also really reliable and professional, so the sources were very trustworthy.  It was also a great experience to meet other people, who were just as involved, excited, and friendly. Can’t wait for the next resume workshop to meet new people and improve my resume once again.

iOS Beginner Workshop

iOS Beginner Workshop
by Gurveen

On Monday October 13th, Phillippe Navarro and kendrick parks taught a beginner workshop on iOS development. Phillippe taught the basics of Swift, and he has taught a Full-Stack Development class in Irvine and was previously an instructor for General Assembly.

The student turnout for this workshop was MUCH greater than expected. We had about 100 students show up for the workshop! All in all, it was a very informative seminar, and it gave students interested in iOS development a brief introduction.