WICS Mock Tech Interviews

by Jacqueline Lee

Wednesday, January 20th was the day of WICS’ Mock Technical Interviews. Industry professionals from well-known companies including Google, Adobe, Amazon, Yahoo!, and Socal Edison contributed their time to giving mock technical interviews as well as feedback to students who signed up ahead of time. From 10am to 5pm, students showed up well dressed to the Career Center, where the event took place, for their 30 minute long technical interviews. Interviewees were given feedback forms filled out by the interviewers as well as free water, snacks, and swag. This event proved itself to be very helpful to ICS students since it exposed them to what a real job or internship interview is like. It also presented areas for each individual to improve upon, provided a great way to practice for an upcoming opportunity, and for a selected few, even offered them a real interview for a position with the company! WICS is excited to have thrown such a successful and beneficial event for the ICS community at UCI, and is looking forward to putting together more in the future.