ProSky Info Session

by Jacqueline Lee

On Monday, November 9th, ProSky hosted an event with WICS. The evening began with an interactive workshop which included building the highest tower with a deck of cards and building the tallest straw tower in groups of 4-5 people. After all of that fun, Crystal Huang, co-founder and CEO of ProSky, gave a presentation of insights and hands-on tips on how to position yourself to achieve your dream job. ProSky is a startup that helps individuals get the “work experience” that employers are looking for through participating in training series made by top professionals and working on real projects for companies internationally. We would like to thank Crystal Huang (CEO), Alexis Ang (Head of Marketing), and Julie Huang (Head of University Relations) for taking time to come out to WICS and introducing ProSky to us. Thank you to all of those that participated in the building activities and hope you’re as excited as we are to try new projects through ProSky!