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WICS’ Study Session

by Jacqueline Lee

With midterms coming from left and right, WICS hosted a study session on Monday, February 1st. Over 30 people joined us to study. Groups of two to six people were scattered throughout the room studying, learning and munching on snacks. Despite the stressful time, it was still a relaxing place to get things done, make some friends and prepare for midterms.  Good luck on midterms everyone!


Board Game Night

by Jacqueline Lee

WICS hosted a Board Game and Movie night to help anyone who wanted to take a break from studying on Monday, January 25th. Various board and card games were set out on three different tables so that people could feel free to play and socialize with other members. People who wanted to see a movie watched Mean Girls on the main screen. Over 20 people joined us in the fun. With midterms coming up, the event was a space where people could take a breather and relax with other students.


WICS Mock Tech Interviews

by Jacqueline Lee

Wednesday, January 20th was the day of WICS’ Mock Technical Interviews. Industry professionals from well-known companies including Google, Adobe, Amazon, Yahoo!, and Socal Edison contributed their time to giving mock technical interviews as well as feedback to students who signed up ahead of time. From 10am to 5pm, students showed up well dressed to the Career Center, where the event took place, for their 30 minute long technical interviews. Interviewees were given feedback forms filled out by the interviewers as well as free water, snacks, and swag. This event proved itself to be very helpful to ICS students since it exposed them to what a real job or internship interview is like. It also presented areas for each individual to improve upon, provided a great way to practice for an upcoming opportunity, and for a selected few, even offered them a real interview for a position with the company! WICS is excited to have thrown such a successful and beneficial event for the ICS community at UCI, and is looking forward to putting together more in the future.


WICS Resume Workshop

by admin

On Monday, January 11th, WICS hosted a resume workshop, inviting anyone who wanted to improve upon their resume to attend. This workshop brought together over 20 people who were all eager and ready to learn about advice for enhancing their resumes. We had 3 lovely Career Center resume critiquers at the event, allowing everyone to have a professional and personal, one-on-one resume session on site. With the Internship and Career Fair coming up next week, the WICS resume workshop allowed members to strengthen their resumes in time for this fair and for any other job opportunities hereafter.


First General Meeting 1/4/16

by Jacqueline Lee

WICS kicked off the 2016 winter quarter on Monday January 4th with a brief session of introductions and announcements and also some fun board games to welcome WICS members back to school. WICS co-presidents Angela Liu and Stephanie Eng introduced the board and new committee members and gave an overview of the events that we will have this quarter, including company info sessions, social nights, mock technical interviews, and crepe booths. During the meeting, WICS members had a chance to win some cool swag bags that were raffled off. We were happy to have over 50 people come out to the first general meeting of the quarter, and we hope to see the same and many more faces at our future events!


ICS Quarterly Potluck

by Jacqueline Lee

On Monday of Week 9 of the 2015 Fall Quarter (November 23rd), WICS hosted the quarterly ICS Potluck for all of the ICS clubs. More than 30 members from all the ICS clubs enjoyed a night filled with good food and fun games. Everyone brought lots of delicious food to share, while they enjoyed games such as Werewolf, Taboo, and Cards Against Humanity. It was a great way for members to come hang out and get some stress relief before heading into the last of week of the quarter before finals.


SoCal Edison Info Session

by Jacqueline Lee

On Monday of Week 8 of the 2015 Fall Quarter (November 16th), WICS hosted an info session with guest speakers from the electricity company SoCal Edison.  WICS members were able to learn more about the structure of the company and the available internships and jobs for recent graduates that SoCal Edison has to offer.  WICS members also earned some cool swag for asking questions during the Q&A part of the info session.  We would especially like to thank the SoCal Edison representatives that came out to host this info session!  


ProSky Info Session

by Jacqueline Lee

On Monday, November 9th, ProSky hosted an event with WICS. The evening began with an interactive workshop which included building the highest tower with a deck of cards and building the tallest straw tower in groups of 4-5 people. After all of that fun, Crystal Huang, co-founder and CEO of ProSky, gave a presentation of insights and hands-on tips on how to position yourself to achieve your dream job. ProSky is a startup that helps individuals get the “work experience” that employers are looking for through participating in training series made by top professionals and working on real projects for companies internationally. We would like to thank Crystal Huang (CEO), Alexis Ang (Head of Marketing), and Julie Huang (Head of University Relations) for taking time to come out to WICS and introducing ProSky to us. Thank you to all of those that participated in the building activities and hope you’re as excited as we are to try new projects through ProSky!


Girls Inc. Info Session

by Jacqueline Lee

Last Monday on November 2nd, our first meeting of November, WICS and non-profit organization, Girls Inc., hosted an info session to talk about what Girls Inc. does. The evening started with a presentation about its values and opportunities for students. Then we concluded with a quick Q&A session with the representatives. WICS would like to thank Jessica and Mark for coming and introducing Girls Inc. to our members. We would also like to thank all the students who came and are interested in volunteering at Girls Inc.


Capgemini Info Session & Crepe Booth

by Jacqueline Lee

Last Monday on October 26th, WICS and the international tech consulting company Capgemini hosted an info session to introduce WICS members to the company culture and goals.  The night included a short introduction presentation, a time of Q&A for a panel of Capgemini representatives, and a fun time of networking at the end.  We’d like to thank all the Capgemini representatives that gave their time to speak at the info session and network with the students. Thank you to all for coming out!

Also, WICS had its first crepes sale of the year this last Wednesday, October 28th!  Thanks to everyone who stopped by, and we hope to see you again next time for some yummy crepes!