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Mock Interview

by Ivan Law

On April 15, WICS collaborated with UCI’s Career Center to bring its members a day of mock interviews. Partnering with companies like Laserfiche and Blizzard, many WICS members experienced what it is like to be interviewed by actual companies and gained valuable experience that will help them prepare for real-life interviews in the future.



Spring General Meeting

by Ivan Law

On the night of April 1, WICS hosted its first general meeting of spring quarter. Both old and new members showed up for a night of food and games. Over 30 members showed up and had a great night.



Amazon Info Session

Amazon collaborated with WICS on February 25 and hosted an info session. Space was limited so only students that RSVPed were allowed to enter. Luckily, WICS tried their best to accommodate as many people as possible. WICS managed to allow about 100 students to listen in on the info session so that they could learn more about working and applying to Amazon.


Verizon Info Session

On February 18, WICS hosted a Verizon Info Sessions. Female engineers from Verizon came and talked about the opportunities at Verizon and what it’s like to work at Verizon. The first half of the info session was a mixer focused mainly on more personal socialization, while the second half was an info session about Verizon with a Q&A at the end. Over 30 people showed up and learned a lot about Verizon!


Girls Who Code

by Ivan Law

On March 12, the WICS president, Angela Liu presented to a group of prospective high school female computer science majors. She answered questions about what its like to be in computer science, why they should do computer science and what they can do with computer science. About 25 people attended her talk and were all very glad that she talked to them and helped them understand more about computer science.


Study Session

On February 11, WICS hosted a study session. Since it was midterms week, WICS decided it would be beneficial for members to collaborate and study together. Upperclassmen helped the underclassmen out with work they didn’t understand while snacking ice cream and cookies. About over 10 people showed up and had a great time eating ice cream and studying together!


WICS Receives NCWIT Seed Fund!

by Ivan Law

National Center of Women & Information Technology (NCWIT) has selected the University of California, Irvine’s Women in Information and Computer Sciences to receive the NCWIT Student Seed Fund gift sponsored by Symantec!

The announcement for the award can be seen here.

Thank you to both Symantec and NCWIT for this generous award!


Adobe Info Session

by Ivan Law

On January 21, WICS hosted an Adobe Info Session. The first hour consisted of a mixer where members that RSVP’d could talk face to face with the female engineers of Adobe (and eat great food). Only 50 spots were allocated for this mixer, and they all filled up instantly. The members asked all sorts of questions from daily life to information about internships. The second hour was an info session that was open to all. Where Adobe talked about what they’re looking for and internships opportunities. Make sure to check out our future info sessions!


ICS Career Panel

by Ivan Law

On Wednesday January 14, the ICS clubs teamed up and invited various alumni from different years to tell stories of their success. Over 50 people showed up, listening to Sarah Flores from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Binh Dang from MeridianLink, Albert Wong from Red Hat, Chris Wong from Mirth Corporation, Angeline Phan Gray from Emdeon/TC3 Health, Lynn Acosta from OpenText, and Corey Katoul from Demonstranda share what they learned from college and what they thought was most important in the future in the real field. Make sure to check out the rest of the events this year.


First General Meeting

by Ivan Law

On Wednesday of the first week of winter quarter, WICS held its first general meeting. Over 50 of our members swarmed in as our president Angela Liu and vice president Stephanie Eng announced our plans for this quarter. After learning all about the events and projects this quarter, various members stayed to play board games with each other and bond.  Make sure to come by next quarter to see what events we have!