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Brownie Troops Computer Expert Badge

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On Sunday, February 9th, 6 volunteers from WICS came out to help 7 Brownie Troops with earning their Computer Expert Badge! It was an educational yet fun day for the Brownies; they got to experience using computers to paint a picture, take a virtual museum tour, play an online game, and much more! (To see more details, see their event website) This was an insightful experience for the volunteers as well, seeing that the 6-8 year old girls having a lot more knowledge on computers compared to phones; it looks like there is a new generation of Computer Scientists!

The workshop was very successful and WICS plans to do more with girl scouts in the future to continue teaching young girls about technology.


Food and Fun with WICS

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On Monday, February 3rd, over 40 people came to de-stress at the potluck with all the ICS clubs over some delicious food and fun boardgames! There was a variety of food such as sushi, buffalo wild wings, dumplings, curry, chicken alfredo, bacon siracha cookies, and cake pops! Besides food, there were also groups of people playing Apples to Apples, Cards Against Humanity, and Uno! It was a fun and stress-free night full of some nice home-made food and all of your fellow ICS friends; we will be having more potlucks later in the school year, stay tuned if you want to come join the fun next time!


First Android App Development Meeting

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Thursday, January 30th, more than 80 people attended the WICS Project Meeting to learn about developing Android apps! 20 teams were formed for this 5-week tutorial session. On this day, the WICS website obtained a record of 202 views in one day! Many non-ICS majors such as Chemistry, Public Health Science, PSB (Psych and Social Behavior), and International Studies; WICS hopes everyone that joined will get to have fun as well as gain knowledge to produce awesome apps in the future! Prizes will be raffled off to the participating teams in the end of the sessions, don’t miss any meetings! PPTs are posted here for people that were unable to attend. Good luck to all the teams and WICS looks forward to seeing all the finished projects on Week 9!


Movie Night and Boardgames with WICS

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Monday, January 27th, WICS hosted a movie night for over 20 people that came to de-stress from all the midterms they’ve had/about to have! There was popcorn, pizza, and snacks provided while The Princess Bride was playing. A group of people were also enjoying a fun game of Monopoly! It was a nice relaxing night that helped keep people’s minds off of homework and exams; WICS will be having more social events like this in the future!


WICS Co-hosts Google Panel

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Around 62 people signed in on Thursday, January 16th, for the Google Panel. WICS invited female Googlers to talk about what it is like to work there, capabilities needed for applying, as well as ways of applying. One of the speakers that came, trains other Googlers to interview applications and gave WICS some really good interview advice.

The two speakers talked about how Google is doing their best in decreasing the gender inequality. There are many benefits to working at Google such as flexible schedules, maternity and paternity leave, and even asking for promotions. Due to the limited space in the room, many people were unable to attend the panel. However, Google set up a booth outside the DBH building the next day for further questions and advice for people who were unable to go to the panel. Apply for Google by going on google.com/jobs/students!

WICS would like to give a big thanks to the recruiter, Alec Fox, for organizing this event.




First WICS Meeting of Winter ’14

Thursday, January 10, 2014. Are you tired of going to parties and thinking to yourself, “Uggh, what a sausage fest? Like seriously, enough with the testosterone! Where my ladies at?” FEAR NOT, women in computer science, because on this unassuming Thursday night, 40+ beautiful ladies who are pursuing a career in an emerging field that offers excellent job stability gathered to throw the most epic of ragers. There was pizza; there was soda; there were animal crackers, board games, and there was even a powerpoint presentation! Dancing Queen WICS’s President Angela Li teased us with events to come. Projects committee chairwomen announced this quarter’s Android App Development extravaganza, and someone even ALMOST built a hotel on Boardwalk in the first forty minutes of Monopoly. If you made the mistake of not attending, don’t be sad. There will be another! Check Facebook for updates about WICS! Happy Week 1!


Web Development Projects: Awards

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WICS awarded every participant that turned in their websites on Wednesday, December 4th. Winners were chosen and awarded $25 Amazon gift cards along with the winners of weekly challenges at project meetings!

Congratulations Team 7 (Mrunmayi Vyawahare, Kelly Kwan, Emily Nguyen, and Yaritza Cuevas) for making the best website and Team 9 (Stephanie Eng, Angela Liu, Alina Lam) for winning the most weekly challenges!

WICS will be building more projects in the future, one for each quarter! Stay tuned for Winter Quarter’s project theme. For more information about WICS Projects, click here.


Week 10: Hour of Code

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Monday, December 2nd, WICS organized an Hour of Code workshop that targeted undecided/undeclared majors at UCI. Over 20 students interested in coding not only got to learn how to code but also socialize and have some fun before finals week.

In celebration of Computer Science Education Week, WICS assisted students in learning the basics of code through simple and creative online tutorials. Multiple difficulty levels of tutorials were provided and allowed students of any background to play around and experiment within the hour. Students also had a chance to socialize with WICS members outside the computer lab with provided snacks and drinks.

WICS would like to thank everyone for coming to this event right before Finals. There will be future workshops similar to this one, don’t miss out!


Week 9: CIA Info Session

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Monday, November 25th, the CIA hosted an info session with WICS. 25 people came and had a chance to hear about multiple job opportunities, benefits, and application processes at the CIA. There were also handouts, free swag, and food at the event.

The CIA offers many internship opportunities for freshmen, sophomores, and graduates. All of these opportunities are located in Washington DC and covers travel fee, more information can be found on their website. Working for the CIA provides many benefits such as health insurance and credit union.

This session taught WICS a lot about what a company looks for in applications, resumes, and cover letters. Working for the CIA is not as hard as it seems and many misconceptions about them were cleared!


Week 8: Thanksgiving Potluck

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Wednesday, November 20th, WICS co-hosted a Potluck with other ICS clubs on campus. The movie of choice: Iron Man 3, was being played on the projector as over 40 attendees came to have some fun and take a break from school! People got to eat some delicious food and chat with members from other ICS clubs.