2nd Annual WICS Games

by Jacqueline Lee

What better way is there to bring students together than through a competitive night of trivia? On Monday, October 5th, WICS Games connected company representatives and 70 students together for a fun night of answering computer science related question.  To start off Round 1, the groups introduced themselves to their groups, answered WICS and UCI related trivia, and made up group names and chants. Personal favorites include “Drake’s Right Hand”, “Hashbrowns” and  “WIC[s]IPEDIA”. After Round 2, there was a break, which allowed everyone to eat Subway sandwiches and cookies sponsored by Hitachi Consulting. Students also took this opportunity to network with the company reps.

In the end, after 5 rounds of questions, it was Pink Squid who took the win with 71 points, 7.5 points over the next leading team. They were the first to get beautiful, beautiful swag. In the end, everyone left with full stomachs, great prizes, new friends, and a greater knowledge of computer science. If that’s not what happiness is, then I don’t know what is.

We’d like to thank company representatives from Adobe (WICS’s gold sponsor). Blizzard Entertainment, Hitachi Consulting, Pariveda Solutions, and Western Digital for making the night truly spectacular. To the students: thank you for coming, and we hope you had a good time. See you next year for another WICS Games.